Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk (12x12Oz)

Enjoy Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk. Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk Is A Concentrate, Made By Removing Half Of The Water From Our Fresh Whole Goat?S Milk. It Is Unsweetened, Pasteurized, Homogenized, And Supplemented With Folic Acid And Vitamin D. Meyenberg Products Are Completely Natural Without Preservatives, No Antibiotics, Or Bovine Growth Hormones (Rbgh). Dilute With 12 Ounce Of Water To Make 24 Ounce, Whole Goat Milk. (Note: Description is informational only. Please refer to ingredients label on product prior to use and address any health questions to your Health Professional prior to use.
Pack Size: 12/12 OZ

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